Connecticut receives $12.2M grant to develop statewide health information exchange

The state of Connecticut was recently awarded a $12.2 million grant to help support its effort to create a statewide health information exchange.

The state and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the multimillion-dollar award on Thursday, Sept. 6.

According to a press release, the grant will help support the Connecticut Office of Health Strategy’s (OHS) effort to a “develop a secure, modern health information exchange that facilitates the sharing of health data to further patient care, improve proper efficiency and rein in the high cost of healthcare."

Connecticut OHS Technology Officer Allan Hackney said the health information exchange will improve care by allowing providers to exchange clinical and diagnostic data in real time.

“The health information exchange will also enable a platform for measuring clinical quality and more quickly analyzing population health—one of the keys to improving healthcare accessibility and correcting racial, ethnic, and gender health inequities,” the release stated. “Currently, analysts most commonly use insurance claims data, which is only a proxy for real-time clinical information.”