Editor’s pick: 8 data-driven healthcare trends to watch

AI, blockchain and mHealth apps specific to Big Data are among eight emerging technologies healthcare watchers would do well to keep an eye on, according to a consumer-friendly roundup published Aug. 7 in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

Not a lot new is here, but the newspaper has done a solid service presenting casual technology watchers with the basics on each trending topic it names.

“Given that the AI is set to grow exponentially, it could mean that, very soon, we can see some major breakthroughs in healthcare such as doctors conducting complex surgeries using AI, patients performing self-examination and much more,” according to the piece.

Also: “Looking at its usage and popularity, blockchain technology shall bring massive breakthroughs and will be one of the most sought-after trends for 2019 and beyond.”

Despite missteps with editorial details like syntax and capitalization, the piece is worth a read—or at least a forward to a friend or family member.

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