Clearwater, Digital Reasoning ink 3-year cyber risk partnership for AI-powered solutions

Clearwater Compliance and Digital Reasoning have announced a three-year “Cyber Risk Services” partnership enabling providers to understand the results of AI-powered solutions, using a cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance program.

Clearwater Compliance provides cyber risk management solutions to hospitals and healthcare systems. Digital Reasoning implements AI-powered care management software for care processes that impact clinical financial and operational outcomes. 

This partnership comes at a time when 75 percent of technology vendors believe advanced analytics and AI, as well as cybersecurity, will be top focuses in healthcare this year. Additionally, concerns over cybersecurity have led to 23 percent more organizations making improvements to their systems. 

AI will continue to impact cost, quality and patient experience by creating value from patient data, according to Clearwater Compliance. Therefore, patient data must be keenly protected.

“AI and machine learning empowers solutions to extract value from healthcare organizations’ data. That only happens with the highest cybersecurity standards,” Digital Reasoning CEO Brett Jackson in a statement. “Only together can we deliver on the promise of AI-augmenting doctors, nurses and the whole care team to enhance their most important work: caring for patients.”