Change Healthcare develops module to reduce denials of claims

Change Healthcare has announced the development of a module for their Assurance Reimbursement Management program that assists providers submit claims. 

The Assurance Attach Assist predicts what documentation a payer may require preventing the denial of a claim due to missing documents. With the module, providers can reduce the main cause of claims denials. The module allows users to electronically submit attachments during and after claim submission, which are then tracked to maintain visibility until the claim is accepted.

Attach Assist supports Medicare, Medi-Cal, Blue Cross California Medi-Cal, Anthem Blue Cross–California, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield–Nevada, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield–Colorado, PacificSource Health Plans and Washington Medicaid. By providing automation to the claims process, the module decreases documentation-related denials and improves efficiency of claims to grow revenue.

"The key to reducing denials is to address requirements on the front end before they become problems on the back end," said Marcy Tatsch, senior vice president and general manager of Reimbursement and Analytics Solutions at Change Healthcare. "There are so many factors that can trigger a denial. Providers need proactive technology that helps them anticipate and eliminate issues before they cause a denial. We continue to invest in the tools that help our customers reduce the administrative burden and speed revenue cycle velocity."