Change Healthcare, Adobe, Microsoft team up to develop patient engagement tool

Change Healthcare has announced a collaboration with Adobe Systems and Microsoft to develop a more comprehensive patient engagement tool for providers to build patient relationships through technology.

The collaboration plans to use Change Healthcare’s Intelligent Healthcare Network, Adobe’s Experience Cloud and Microsoft Azure to collect consumer data from sources like registration, scheduling and billing. Using patient data, the tool aims to improve engagement.

"This unique collaboration is all about helping our customers put the consumer first," said Neil de Crescenzo, president and CEO of Change Healthcare. "Bolting transactional features onto portals can't provide the frictionless, end-to-end experience consumers want. That ideal can be met only when providers can infuse and orchestrate intelligence into touchpoints across healthcare's administrative, clinical, and financial continuum. This alliance aims to merge the finest consumer capabilities with unrivaled healthcare data, AI-enhanced workflows, and operational expertise—and that's the key to help providers keep patients connected with care and wellness solutions throughout their healthcare journey."

Providers will also be able to use the tool to improve patient relationship management and build revenue cycle initiatives. The collaboration hopes to give providers a single platform to personalize patient engagement plans, develop and manage content, and analyze results.

"Patients today expect the same seamless, personalized experiences with healthcare providers they already know from other consumer brands," said Matt Thompson, executive vice president of worldwide field operations at Adobe. "By collaborating with Microsoft and Change Healthcare, a pioneer in healthcare IT, we'll be able to help transform the way healthcare organizations engage with patients across all channels, from follow-up care coordination and caregiver personalization to cost transparency."