Amazon teams up with Cerner in AI move

Cerner, a global health platform, has teamed up with Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon that offer cloud computing platforms, to accelerate healthcare solutions and AI in healthcare. Cerner has made Amazon Web Services its cloud partner under the collaboration, which is expected to boost clinical experiences and efficiencies and accelerate AI and machine learning.

By working with Amazon Web Services, Cerner will be able to provide its customers with more power and access to their personal healthcare information, according to the company.

“Our work with Amazon and AWS is a key component for the next chapter at Cerner,” Cerner Chairman and CEO Brent Shafer said in a statement. “As we work to transform Cerner, we are joining forces with Amazon and AWS to help fuel our strategy of making Cerner more agile in order to deliver faster, more scalable and secure solutions to clients and patients. We expect this collaboration with Amazon and AWS will enable a new wave of innovation that can lead and transform the future of health care.”

Cerner further expects to “usher in a new era of health system interoperability” from the partnership, improving outcomes across platforms through data portability. It will also lower operational costs and burdens for Cerner clients.

“AWS is providing Cerner with the broadest portfolio of innovative analytics and machine learning services that will empower them to gain new clinical and business insights that have the potential to transform patient care delivery,” Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, said in a statement.

The company already has a relationship with Amazon’s ML Solutions Lab, a program that aims to accelerate the use of machine learning products and processes. Cerner has already developed “new ML capabilities,” the company said.

For example, its use of Amazon SageMaker has allowed researchers to develop ways to detect congestive heart failure earlier through models and algorithms through anonymized patient data. For Cerner, Amazon’s voice recognition and natural language processing technologies will have an immediate impact, the company said.

As part of the collaboration, Amazon and Cerner committed to a strategic framework for joint teams to drive accelerated innovation and increase speed to market for products and tools.