AMA supports proposed rules for quality payment but notes they are just a 'first step'

The American Medical Association (AMA) has voiced its support for the proposed rule that establishes a simpler, less burdensome quality payment program and announced "new online information and resources to help physicians navigate the changing landscape," according to the group's president, Steven J. Stack, MD.

“It is hard to overstate the significance of these proposed regulations for patients and physicians," Stack said in an official AMA statement. "When Congress overwhelmingly passed MACRA last year, lawmakers signaled that they wanted to transform Medicare by promoting flexibility and innovation in the delivery of care, changes that could lead to improved quality and better outcomes for patients.

"Our initial review suggests that CMS has been listening to physicians’ concerns. In particular, it appears that CMS has made significant improvements by recasting the EHR Meaningful Use program and by reducing quality reporting burdens.

“Today’s draft rules are only a first step in the rulemaking process and with many physicians awaiting guidance on how these rules will affect their practice, the AMA is launching comprehensive, online resources to help navigate the changes and drive successful implementation for physicians.

“The existing Medicare pay-for-performance programs are burdensome, meaningless and punitive. The new incentive system needs to be relevant to the real-world practice of medicine and establish meaningful links between payments and the quality of patient care, while reducing red tape.

AMA's resources includes FAQs, guidance on preparing practices for vaue-based care, tools for assessing and choosing payment models and more.