AI-powered analysis for older patients at center of new partnership

MyndYou, a New York City-based healthcare technology company, will now be working with Allscripts clients to monitor their patients for cognitive changes and avoid hospitalization whenever possible.

Through the new partnership, healthcare providers affiliated with Allscripts will gain access to MyndYou’s AI-powered Cognitive Complexity Analysis, which “detects subtle changes in cognitive and behavioral function” in older patients. When any potential issues are detected, MyndYou then elevates the finding as needed to make the necessary providers aware.

“Our mission is to scale care and improve the quality of life of older adults by bringing together cutting edge technology with the human touch in order to keep them safe and functioning within their home environments for longer,” Ruth Poliakine Baruchi, CEO and co-founder of MyndYou, said in a prepared statement.

“By partnering with MyndYou, we can create additional touchpoints between Allscripts clients and their high-risk patients,” Tina Joros, general manager of the open business unit at Allscripts, said in the same statement. “MyndYou's cognitive-driven solution empowers care management teams to reduce hospitalizations and achieve improved outcomes by passively and precisely identifying those in need of extra attention at the right time.”