AI finding a foothold in healthcare marketing

While much of the attention paid to AI in healthcare has focused on applications to improve care and the administration thereof, industry players have quietly begun tapping the technology to boost sales of their healthcare wares.

An article posted online Sept. 6 in Medical Marketing & Media looks at the development and presents several examples.

One company was stumped over the failure of its web pages to draw clicks. Together with its marketing agency, the company used natural language processing and found the problem traced to semantics (and, presumably, SEO): The pages were heavy in insider jargon.  

“It was one of those situations where the solution was blindingly obvious once you identified the problem,” an executive at the company tells MM&M writer Larry Dobrow.

Meanwhile some companies have been slow to realize they need to set realistic expectations.

“Perhaps because of the hype, there’s a sense that AI will magically transform an organization’s mess of data into beautifully ordered stacks that are ripe to be mined, which couldn’t be further from the case,” Dobrow writes. “AI tactics are only as useful and potentially effective as the data that fuels them.”

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