AI has ‘untapped potential’ for entrepreneurs

AI applications in healthcare are just ramping up, allowing for an influx of entrepreneurs, according to a new report from Entrepreneur.

“This technology stands on the cusp, ready to improve nearly every industry; and it offers a myriad of opportunities for entrepreneurs able to imagine and execute new applications for the future,” wrote guest writer Brian Hughes, CEO of Integrity Marketing & Consulting.

The healthcare-focused AI market is expected to grow into a $36.1 billion industry, which translates to 50 percent growth through 2025. Financing for AI-based technologies is also increasing, as AI is already used in a variety of clinical settings—and frequently in imaging. But Hughes noted there is “untapped potential” which could bring “a wealth of opportunities” specific to entrepreneurs. 

“From research to diagnosis and treatment, the AI applications in healthcare have barely scratched the surface, leaving a wide field for entrepreneurs to enter,” Hughes said.

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