AI could add $14T to global economy—but work still remains

As more businesses begin to implement state-of-the-art technologies, one industry expert is predicting AI will boost the global economy by $14 trillion by the year 2035.

According to a report from Fortune, Marc Carrell-Billiard, global senior managing director at Accenture Labs, shared that figure while speaking at the World Summit AI 2019 event in Amsterdam on Oct. 9. Carrell-Billiard also predicted, according to the same report, that AI will not be replacing the high number of jobs some other experts have suggested.

In addition, Carrell-Billiard observed that researchers have their own challenges to overcome as they continue to develop AI technologies. It can’t grasp context, for instance, in a way that a human can—not yet, at least.

Gary Marcus, a professor from New York University who has published a book about AI, seems to agree that this is an area where significant work is still needed, noting that AI can’t be trusted yet in areas such as healthcare. “The number of radiologists who’ve been replaced by deep-learning systems? Zero,” he said, according to Fortune.

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