Consumers more comfortable with AI in healthcare than banking, retail

Consumers are most comfortable with artificial intelligence (AI) when its used in the healthcare when compared to banking or retail, according to a survey conducted by SAS.

The survey of 500 Americans aimed to provide insight on consumers views toward the future of AI implementation in the healthcare, retail and banking industries. Participants were presented with real-world AI scenarios and provided feedback on their perceptions.

Key findings included:

  • 47 percent of respondents were comfortable with companies using AI in general business transactions.
  • 44 percent of respondents were able to define AI to a friend or colleague.
  • AI technology that assisted physicians in patient care was rated well among respondents.
  • 47 percent stated they were comfortable with AI assisting doctors in the operating room
  • Over half of respondents over age 40 were willing to undergo surgery with AI assistance, compared to 40 percent under age 40.
  • 61 percent were comfortable with their physician using data from wearable devices to assess their lifestyle and make recommendations based on that data.
  • 35 percent were confident that their personal data used for AI was stored securely.

"Consumers feel positively about AI when they believe it's being used for good," said David Tareen, Marketing Manager for AI at SAS. "In this survey, healthcare scenarios were well-received, indicating that respondents were comfortable with a tangible benefit to the technology. Overall, a lack of understanding about what AI is and can do is a significant factor for those who fear it."