Companies hope to use AI for early detection of Parkinson’s

Multinational investment holding conglomerate Tencent and healthcare firm Medopad are partnering to train systems to use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide better diagnoses of Parkinson’s disease, according to a report by VentureBeat.

The companies will be working with the Parkinson’s Center of Excellence at King’s College Hospital in London to develop the software. The system may be able to detect signs of the disease “within minutes,” and the companies are banking on that early detection leading to better treatment outcomes.

“The goal of Tencent and Medopad’s collaboration is to help expand the remit of AI-powered movement assessment, from sport and exercise to medicine, and to reduce the cost of motor function assessment,” Wei Fan, MD, head of the Tencent Medical AI Lab, said in the report. “This technology can help promote early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, screening, and daily evaluations of key functions.”

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