AI in Healthcare 2020 Leadership Survey Report: The Doctor Says
  • AI is “very important” or “absolutely essential” to strategy and future plans (72%)
  • Health system is advanced or proficient with AI (29%) or they are assessing and planning to deploy AI in the future (28%)
  • Expect to add 1-10 AI apps in the next 18 months (56%)
  • Top 3 benefits of AI:  Improving efficiency, workflow and accuracy
  • AI holds the greatest promise in: cancer detection and diagnosis
  • Top 5 highest priorities for AI: Developing next-gen radiology tools; Utilizing AI to more effectively manage population health; Revolutionizing clinical decision-making at the bedside; Alerting clinicians to declines in patient condition; and Using EMR data to reliably predict risk
  • Top 5 barriers to AI adoption: Lack of finances; Lack of clear strategy for AI within organization; Lack of leaders’ ownership of and commitment to AI; Limited understanding of insights from AI; and Uncertain or low expectations from returns on AI investments