AI in Healthcare 2020 Leadership Survey Report: Radiology is blazing the AI trail

AI apps for imaging outnumber all other categories of FDA-approved apps to date. It’s no surprise then that respondents tell us that rad apps top the list of tools they’re using too, namely to enhance breast, chest, cardiovascular imaging, neuroradiology and cardiothoracic imaging. Diagnosis, detection, screening and scheduling are the areas they focus on deploying solutions over the next 18 months.

As a whole, survey respondents rank developing the next generation of radiology tools No. 3 on the list of highest priorities for AI across healthcare. Automated image diagnosis also ranks fourth among the AI apps that healthcare organizations are already using. 

Cardiology is next in line—with a focus on cardiovascular imaging, interventional cardiology and heart failure. The placement of radiology and cardiology at No. 1 and 2 also reflects the FDA approvals of artificial intelligence-based algorithms to date, giving the nod they are proven,  reliable, and accurate.