AI in Healthcare 2020 Leadership Survey Report: Fortifying infrastructure is top of mind

Healthcare leaders are in full gear in investing in infrastructure—with 45 percent buying this fiscal year. AI is all about the data and it is infrastructure that opens up access and brings speed for bedside and immediate decision-making. Storage strength and computing speed is essential to analyze and speed access to data. Of the respondents who are investing, almost two thirds will spend less than $1 million, while 31% will spend $1 million to $10 million and 9% over $10 million this fiscal year.

Healthcare organizations also are thinking hard about data and data sharing. Do they want to share de-identified data with other organizations to improve AI methods? Yes at no cost say 20%, while 11% say yes for a fee. Some 15% aren’t sure just yet, but 55% aren’t sure at this time. Of those collaborating with research organizations to develop AI applications trained on local patient data, 17% are collaborating and 23% plan to. About 60% have no current plans to collaborate. And of those healthcare organizations developing AI apps, about 37% will then look to commercialize them.