[Expert Roundtable] Architecting AI: Why Machine Learning Is Changing Medical Imaging

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are here and now—and clearly rewiring the way doctor’s practice medicine and the way health systems do business. So hear where we are, where we’re going, and how to get there. Our expert panel will do a deep dive into machine learning for breast ultrasound and how it makes clinical, operational and financial sense. Plus offering a big picture perspective on how providers small and large are merging AI and ML into their workflow and rethinking IT and infrastructure to optimize machine-physician shared intelligence.

Learn from the experts about

  • Why the synergy of radiologists and AI makes healthcare better
  • What IT departments need to know to deploy AI apps
  • How ML algorithms are analyzing breast ultrasound images to help improve diagnosis, find more cancers and reduce biopsies
  • How ML will enhance efficiency in medical imaging

Learning Objectives

  • How ML streamlines reporting and second opinions
  • The advantages of reducing clinical variance, improving confidence and building trust
  • How to improve radiologist efficiency with significant time savings
  • Why connecting caregivers improves return on investment
  • The impact simplifying IT support has on operations
  • Identifying key stakeholders for planning and deployment

Target Audience

  • Chiefs of Radiology and Radiologists
  • Hospital and Health System Administrators: CEOs, CIOs, CMIOs and CTOs
  • Radiology and Imaging Administrators
  • Radiology Service Line Directors
  • Healthcare IT and Clinical Informatics Professionals
  • Breast Imaging Specialists


Lai Yu, MD
Co-Section Chief for Breast Imaging
Main Street Radiology and Clinical Assistant
Professor of Radiology Weill Cornell Medical College

Chad McClennan
President and CEO
Koios Medical

Ajit Jairaj
VP of R&D
Koios Medical

Yaffa Landis
VP of Deployment,
Quality & Analytics Koios Medical

Mary C. Tierney
Chief Content Officer
TriMed Media