[Expert Roundtable] Architecting AI: Rethinking Medical Imaging & Defining the Strategy

The way forward in medical imaging will be driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning turning raw data into more useful and actionable information. Machines will “see” and predict problems where humans cannot. The Department of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health is well known as an innovator in medical imaging research and leader in clinical excellence. So listen in to hear about what’s lurking in the labs at UW – and lurching forward – that will make medical imaging better, stronger, faster and even more cost-efficient.

We asked the questions you want to: Why is imaging ripe for AI? How will improvements in image processing and reconstruction, quality control and work list prioritization improve the practice of radiology? Where will AI drive down hospital readmissions and enhance screening? What do radiologists and informaticists need to know about their changing roles? And how should health systems be ramping up today for the data and infrastructure needs of tomorrow’s medicine? 

Learn from the experts about

  • How machine intelligence will improve radiology efficiency and clinical confidence
  • How algorithms can identify incidental findings 
  • Why infrastructure needs to be established now
  • Why adding a layer of intelligence to dermatology and retinopathy images could speed care and cut costs
  • How to start the ROI discussion 
  • How ML will drive more efficient workflows with actionable data
  • How AI and ML will help radiologists handle the volume and complexity of medical imaging exams
  • Why commercial grade data centers are key to real-time medicine
  • How AI will make imaging reports more quantitative
  • How deep learning is improving image quality of PET/MR and avoiding extra scans
  • How AI can address shortages or lack of specialists

Target Audience

  • Chiefs of Radiology and Radiologists
  • Hospital and Health System Administrators: CEOs, CIOs, CMIOs and CTOs
  • Radiology and Imaging Administrators
  • Radiology Service Line Directors
  • Healthcare IT and Clinical Informatics Professionals
  • Breast Imaging Specialists

Expert Panel

Gary Wendt, MD, MBA
Enterprise Director of
Medical Imaging and
Vice Chair of Informatics

Richard Bruce, MD
Medical Director of
Radiology Informatics

John Garrett, PhD
Director of

Mary C. Tierney
Moderator &
Chief Content Officer

TriMed Media