How Interoperable Technology Can Enhance the Efficiency of Radiology & IT

Approaches to solving the problem of multiple PACS and building interoperability in the radiology department include consolidating, rationalizing and virtualizing systems—while optimizing radiology operations. While adding new technologies is key to providing state-of-the-art clinical care and staying competitive, radiology and IT departments also need to consider the total cost of ownership (or TCO) when making investments.

Speaker: Judy Hanover, Research Director at IDC Health Insights

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Who will benefit from this video:

  • IT: CIOs, VPs/Directors of IS/IT, CSOs/Directors/Managers of Infrastructure, IT, Ops; IT Administrators, RIS/PACS Administrators & Imaging Informatics Professionals

  • Clinical: CMIOs, CMOs, CNOs, Physicians, Nurses, Hospitalists, Informaticists, Nursing Managers and Directors, Medical Directors, and Clinical Applications Analysts

  • C-Suite & Administrators: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Radiology Administrators and Business Managers


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