Autism XR, a nonprofit based out of Boise, Idaho, is using virtual reality (VR) to help children on the autism spectrum prepare for a variety of real-life experiences.

Intel Corporation has acquired Habana Labs, a Tel-Aviv, Israel-based AI startup founded in 2016, for approximately $2 billion.

PENTAX Medical, a division of the HOYA Group focused on endoscopic solutions, has received CE mark approval for its AI-powered polyp detector.

AI technologies are having a direct, significant impact on patient care, according to a new report from MIT Technology Review and GE Healthcare.

Machine learning (ML) algorithms can evaluate cardiac MR (CMR) images and provide accurate measurements of left ventricular (LV) volumes from throughout the patient’s cardiac cycle, according to a new study published in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

One of the world’s largest insurance providers is now using AI and data analytics to monitor patient data, deliver personalized messages and update electronic medical records for physicians.

Machine learning models can be trained to predict chronic diseases such as dementia using electronic medical record (EMR) data, according to a new study published in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

Patients at UCHealth locations throughout Colorado now have the opportunity to experience NFL games up close and personal—all without missing a single treatment.

LeanTaaS, a Santa Clara, California-based software company, announced the completion of a $40 million funding round courtesy of the merchant banking division at Goldman Sachs.

Two established AI startups are partnering to supply a digital toolkit for physicians at risk of burnout. The companies’ aim is to offer these doctors various prevention and treatment resources any place, any time. 

Oncopole, a Montreal-based research center, announced that five teams won the Onco-Tech Competition and will receive a total of $1.97 ($2.6 million CAD) in funding.

AI is almost certain to have a monumental impact on radiology, but what, exactly, will that mean for radiologists?