A convolutional neural network (CNN) could assist radiologists with the detection and segmentation of suspicious findings on prostate MRI scans, according to a new study published in Radiology.

Northeastern University in Boston has announced the launch of a new research hub focused on ensuring AI systems help rather than replace humans working in healthcare, cybersecurity and sustainability.

Some 46% of Americans are open to the idea of their physicians using AI to help make diagnoses.

Physicians who reject an AI-based recommendation of established care guidelines in order to provide more personalized medicine are at heightened risk of being sued for malpractice should the patient be harmed.

Machine learning can help electrophysiologists or other heart specialists decide whether a patient is a good candidate for a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator, according to a study published Oct. 3 in PLOS One.

If the present time represents the advent of the AI Age, it also marks a golden age for biology. And the two will soon hungrily feed off one another, driving the next big thing in supercomputing.

Northwell Health, a New York-based nonprofit health system, is building its own electronic health records system and leveraging AI to do it, Axios reported.

Machine learning can be combined with virtual or augmented reality to train surgery residents in sensitive spinal procedures.

Hospitals of the future will operate very differently than today thanks to the boom in AI, according to the American Hospital Association.

Software that uses AI to make cardiac-ultrasound experts of healthcare workers with no prior ultrasound experience has received “Breakthrough Device” designation from the FDA.

Worldwide, research is booming around AI applications for predicting and treating cancer with ever more precise and personalized approaches. However, a new literature review has found a shortfall of AI-inclusive studies looking at cancer outcomes and survivorship.

In a move closely partnering big pharma with big tech, Novartis and Microsoft have jointly announced a strategic alliance.