Jefferson Health, the 14-hospital system serving the Philadelphia area, is using a new conversational chatbot to take questions from members of the community looking for information on COVID-19.

Stanford researchers had been working for years on an AI-powered system to monitor elderly patients at home when the coronavirus outbreak became a global crisis. Now their work is not just nifty but needed.

A new deep learning algorithm can evaluate 134 different skin disorders, predicting malignancy and recommending key treatment options, according to new findings published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Representatives from the two companies emphasized that its effectiveness is still being validated. At this stage, it is to be used for research purposes and not as a diagnostic tool.

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville in Florida is relieving overstretched hospital workers by toting medical supplies, including COVID-19 tests, in driverless shuttles.

A tech giant is offering a free hand to healthcare experts working in various fields that could be tapping tireless AI rather than overworked humans to answer questions from the general public on COVID-19.

The images are rendered from CT scans and allow viewers to navigate the lungs in 360-degree tours, as demonstrated in a video podcast posted by George Washington University Hospital.

Want to see AI in healthcare? Look anywhere. Want to see AI underperforming in healthcare? The same directive applies.

The multihospital Baptist Health system is responding to the national shortage of N95 masks by sanitizing its existing supply for safe reuse. And it’s delegated the task to non-humans.

Two radiologists reflect on what went wrong AI-wise with the Boeing 737 MAX, outlining potential parallels between aviation and their specialty. 

Researchers have used machine learning to develop a blood test that can find 50 or so types of cancer.

A disease that hits most people mildly but some very hard—and so wreaks havoc with its unpredictability among the infected—would seem a good target for AI’s predictive prowess.