People have been anticipating the demise of radiologists for years, speculating that AI will soon be interpreting imaging results with the precision of a seasoned veteran.

Testicular cancer has a high survival rate, but the chemotherapy typically used during treatment can induce nephrotoxicity.

The COVID crisis has significantly increased the volume of data healthcare providers are rushing into the cloud. This “smash and grab” behavior is largely explained by the spike in healthcare workers doing their jobs remotely.

Researchers at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center are sharing insights they gained while building a locally focused, AI-aided model for anticipating COVID-19’s next moves.  

Why does COVID-19 severely sicken some people and barely bother others who catch it? The C-suite at Johns Hopkins is hoping technology can help unravel this mystery.

AI-aided physicians are better at diagnosing real-world skin cancer than either AI or physicians alone, and the least-experienced clinicians derive the most benefit from the algorithmic assist.

The COVID-19 crisis has worsened or exposed myriad problems in healthcare delivery. One is the way patients find physicians and hospitals. AI can help with that.

During the fourth, fifth or sixth year of medical school, more than half of students across faculties in Brazil’s largest city believe AI is a threat to the radiology job market.

A healthcare AI startup has introduced software that will let drugmakers market their wares directly to individual consumers without uncovering anyone’s actual identity.

Working with a software consultancy that operates in 14 countries, the Department of Veterans Affairs has launched an interactive digital assistant to take U.S. veterans’ questions on COVID-19 and related concerns.

Engineers have combined two emerging technologies—worker drones and task-oriented AI—to accelerate the adoption of a third: 5G mobile networks.

The COVID-driven push to get people working from home en masse is giving AI a chance to rise above its own hype.