Telehealth keeps growing. Prepare now so you’re not left behind in the future.

Market monopoly or better for patients? The debates rages on but health IT is an important factor. 

Cleveland Clinic Innovations has spawned jobs, companies and health IT improving patient care and saving money.

Geisinger, MassHIWay and more share their efforts to get patients sharing data.

From Hillary Rodham Clinton to former national coordinators for health IT, this year’s conference speakers packed valuable insight and expertise.

The ever-growing focus on patient engagement means healthcare delivery organizations need to make themselves attractive to patient consumers. Providers must prepare for a consumer-centric healthcare system.

Since the 2003 HIPAA Privacy Rule came into being, protection of patient privacy has become “table stakes.” 

David W. Bates, MD, MSc, shares his extensive research on how CDS can better aid patient safety efforts.

Registries and EMRs provide a powerful tool tracking patient outcomes, resource use and other patterns but the systems may not be compatible. Organizations are developing strategies to improve interoperability and integration.

ONC’s annual meeting spotlighted the office’s new leader and top priorities for health IT this year.

New guides aim to beef up the safety of health IT tools and systems.

The federal government is stepping up its efforts to find solutions to improve the ability to match patients with their data.