7 healthcare AI companies make the Forbes top 50

Forbes has selected 50 AI startups from 400 or so entrants as America’s “most promising” AI companies. Seven of the 50 are in healthcare.

The seven and their subcategories within healthcare are:

  • Atomwise (drug discovery)
  • Biofourmis (patient monitoring via wearables)  
  • Genesis Therapeutics (drug discovery)
  • Karius (blood-pathogen analysis)
  • Recursion (drug discovery)  
  • twoXAR (drug discovery)  
  • Viz.ai (imaging interpretation)

Forbes says its scoring system combines algorithmic quantification with human judgment.

One of the human judges, Caltech professor and Nvidia researcher Anima Anandkumar, says the whittling process looked past the technological marvels in order to “focus on the problem and impact side.”

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